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Feeling Fresh & Clean

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Brighten Me 

This will focus on blemishes and dark spots of the skin. Restoring discoloration and uneven skin tones. Extracting and removal of ingrown hair. Experience a deep cleanse of the skin with a vitamin C mask

60 min - $75

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Will naturally improve your skin by absorbing oil on vaginal area, detoxifying and penetrating the skin to clean the lower dermal layer. Will open pores and remove debris. This is beneficial for skin disorders of acne. Experience a deep steam hydration with lavender smell soothing inflammation. 

60 min - $85

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New Me

Experience a multi-faceted treatment that combines the benefits of Hydra-Dermabrasion, non-invasive extractions, and LED therapy. An infusion of antioxidants leaves you with an amazing glow. Our PLATINUM treatment includes a mask of your choice with a luxurious steamy sensation.

60 min - 100

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