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We are understanding to unfortunate situations that may cause you to cancel your scheduled appointment. In the event that you do we require you to call or reschedule online.  Guests that do not call or reschedule same day will be considered a NO SHOW.  Guests will be allowed (3) no shows before they are required to pay for service in advance at the time of booking.   



Guests that are running late will be allowed a (5) min grace period.  Anything outside of 5 mins will require you to reschedule for a later time if available or another day.  Please understand that other guest are scheduled behind you. 


Privacy & Safety

Your privacy and protection is very important.  Please be advise that personal information including name, address, and stored payments will not be shared under any circumstance. Summer Glow will not partake in sharable content that consist of videos or pictures without guest consent. 

Skin Test

Guests that may have concerns about Summer Glow hard wax please request a free consultation. The area of your choice will be tested with a strip of wax.  You will be required to wait 24 hours before booking a appointment. 


Package /Cancellation Policy 

Change your mind on a package that you purchase no worries! Guests are allowed up to 7 business days to cancel your package.  Summer Glow will offer installment plans where guest can split payments on packages. You will have the option of paying total balance or splitting payments in 4 or 6 installments.

Payment Methods

Membership Purchase 

Discounted prices are for members only. All discounted pricing will reflect at the time of check out. 

We do accept all debit and credit cards 

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